Input Mapper Blueprint

This section describes the Input Mapper Blueprint, the options available, and how they operate.

 State <undefined>
 Device Select the device the Input Mapper is for. Currently only Keyboard is a valid option to choose, although the following are available to select: Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick0, Joystick1, Joystick2 and Joystick3
 Button State This defines when the control is activated: On Press (Button Down) or on Release (Button Up)
 Button This is the actual Key on the Keyboard, selectable from the list
 Shift Button This is used to specify if the <Ctrl> and <Shift> keys are also desired. Options include: No Shift, Shift, Control and Shift Control.
 Axis This defines if an axis is required for the control. As only Keyboards are currently valid, No Axis is the only selectable option. However, for future use, the following options have been created: Mouse X Axis, Mouse Y Axis, Mouse Wheel, Axis 0 to Axis 9 and No Axis
 Name IncreaseControlStart, IncreaseControlStop, DecreaseControlStart, DecreaseControlStop, ToggleControl
 Parameter This name is the link between the Input Mapper controls and the Cab Control of a Rail Vehicle. It must be the same as the Control Name field of the Control Value Blueprint located within the Engine Blueprint that you are creating the cab for. The names must match exactly and are case sensitive (in both blueprints in which they appear)
 New State <undefined>