Using Provider & Product Assets in Train Simulator

Now that you have set up your own source material and exported it to the simulation it is ready for use. If the exported asset is an object which can be placed in the virtual world, such as a scenery object used when building a route, you will need to add it to the object browser list.

All assets created under each product will automatically be contained within one “object set” instead of the existing object sets. This makes management of assets easier and allows you to create routes with just your own assets. To locate and activate object sets for a route, enter the World Editor and navigate to the Browser Tab. Located on the top left of this tab is the following icon:

Click on this icon to open the Object Set Selection Window in the top-right-side of the screen. In this window is a drop-down menu of Developer folders that have been set up and beneath are the add-ons assigned to each developer listed.

Tick the box next to the add-on Object Set you want to activate (Please note that once added, these selections cannot be undone) and the assets associated with that add-on will be added to the browser list.

Enabling add-on Object Sets is done on a per-route basis. If you want to enable additional Object Sets for every route then they must be enabled in each route in turn.