Creating a Series Marker File

Once you have placed all the series route markers in Google Earth following a path, right-click on the folder they are located in and select Save As. In the following save window, choose a location to place the file, and in the file type field choose Kml (*.kml) format.

Next, open this file in Microsoft Office Excel, or equivalent spreadsheet application. When prompted, choose Open this file as a read-only workbook. This will present the user with an appropriately formatted table of marker details across columns A to Y.

From this table, you are only interested in columns H (latitude) & J (longitude). All the other columns can be deleted.

Important Note: You will need to swap over the data so that longitude values are in Column A and latitude values are in Column B. This is important for Train Simulator to read the table correctly.

Train Simulator draws a straight line between each long/lat specified in this file, so the more coordinates you have, the higher quality series marker you will achieve.

To be read by the game select Save As and change the file type to CSV (*.csv) and click Save. Then place this file into your source directory at this location:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks\Source\Provider\Product\RouteMarkers (Replace Provider and Product with your appropriate names)