The Blueprint Editor

The Blueprint Editor is a tool that allows you to create and edit 'blueprints' for objects that you want to place in the game world.

The Blueprint Editor allows you to take total control over the content you create for Train Simulator. It is the central control point in which all elements of content creation come together and are imported and used in Train Simulator.

It is to be noted at this stage that the Blueprint Editor is not intended for use by the casual player, and is recommended that users have both railway and technical games' creation knowledge to be used effectively.

Due to heavily technical aspects, complex behaviour and comprehensive operation, Dovetail Games cannot guarantee to provide support for the Blueprint Editor.

This guide does not cover everything the Blueprint Editor is capable of doing, although it is designed to cover the aspects required to understand its purpose. Once you understand the concept of the Blueprint Editor, you should refer to individual documents to create specific items for use in Train Simulator.