Route Tiles

Routes are divided into 1024 metre squares. Each square is called a tile and is given its own unique number.

When you load a route you can turn on the "Tile Boundaries" button to display lines between tiles. The tile you are currently on is displayed in the bottom left corner of the editor.

On a route with no player train specified, Train Simulator will load with the camera located on the origin tile. The origin position of the route is always the SW corner of the tile 000000-000000.xml.

The tile names are two strings of six numbers preceded by a plus or a minus sign (xxxxxx-zzzzzz.xml). The first six numbers relate to the North-South tile position in relation to the origin tile and the second six relate to the East-West position in relation to the origin.

Increasing values for x means going east and increasing values for z means going north.