Interior Visibility Object

Use, for example, lights that light up when a control is used.

 Element NameHere you can input a description of the control. This text is used as reference only.
 Difficulty TypeStop Go / Stop Go Only / Intermediate / Expert
This setting ‘filters down’ so if you specify ‘Stop Go’ here the control will be usable in all three modes, Stop Go, Intermediate and Expert, as long as the control is also present in each Input Mapper.
If Expert is specified it is only usable in Expert mode, not Intermediate or Stop Go.
Stop Go Only means that the control is only usable in Stop Go, not the other two modes
 Lower Visibility ThresholdBelow this value the Object is not visible.
 Upper Visibility ThresholdAbove this value the Object is not visible.
 Transform NameThis is the Transform Name of the visible object from the 3DS Max model of the cab.
 Threshold Type<Undefined>