Adding a New Route in Train Simulator

There are two paths for creating a new route in Train Simulator which depends on the purposes of the route you intend to create. For this wiki, we will discuss these paths by two names: Fictional and Factual

If you are not worried about the location of the route you wish to build and simply want a 'sandbox' to create in, then you can take the 'Fictional' path.

If you want to create a specific route that exists or wish to locate your route in a specific terrain formation, then you will need to take the 'Factual' path.

Creating a new route in Train Simulator

When you select the New Route button on the Routes screen in Train Simulator, you are presented with a similar screen that appears to show the same list of routes. This is a list of 'Route Templates' that are available in your installation. You will notice that this list contains a sample list of some of the routes available for Train Simulator. This is because this wiki is based upon Templates that were related to previous default supplied routes which are now add-ons.

Selecting one of these supplied templates will create a route based on the same location as the default route it is related to.

Template Route Lat/Lon Values
 Bath to Templecombe 51.3815 / -2.3669
 Default 0.0 / 0.0
 Seebergbahn 46.7241 / 7.62029
 Hagen to Siegen 51.3635 / 7.6206
 Newcastle to York 54.8546 / -1.5801
 Oxford to Paddington 51.5182 / -0.1848
 Hedborough North 53.6297 / -0.2515865
 Castle Rock Railroad 39.0917 / -104.873
 Bastow to San Bernadino 34.1042 / -117.31

The fastest way to create a Fictional route in Train Simulator is to select from one of the already supplied Route Templates and then press the "Create" button where you will be prompted to enter a name for the new route.

Upon entering a name, Click "Create" once more and you will be taken into the route ready to begin building.

Creating a prototypical route in Train Simulator

If you wish to create a particular route at a particular location that isn't covered by the templates already supplied, you will need to create a new Route Template before you can continue.