Creating Route Marker Blueprints

Load the Blueprint Editor and navigate to the Route Markers folder where you will see your CSV marker files created in Excel.

Right-click on the Route Markers name and choose the New Blueprint option. A box will be displayed. Scroll down the list and select the GPS Marker Set blueprint and click OK. The new blueprint will now appear below any pre-existing blueprints. You should rename the blueprint to reflect the name of the route.

Double-click on the new blueprint and a dialogue box will be displayed. Enter the following information into the boxes.

 Display Name This is the name displayed in Train Simulator
 Provider Provider name
 Product Product name
 Blueprint ID This is the file location of the flag or marker object you want to use

In the Named & Series GPS Marker file sections add the name of the relevant CSV file you created, e.g. RouteMarkers\NamedMarkers.csv or RouteMarkers\SeriesMarkers.csv

You can change the colour of the series marker here too if required. By default, it is set to black.