Generating a Name Marker File

Once you have placed all the Named Route Markers in Google Earth, right-click on the folder they are located in and select Save As. In the following save window, choose a location to place the file, and in the file type field choose Kml (*.kml) format.

Next, open this file in Microsoft Office Excel, or equivalent spreadsheet application. When prompted, choose Open this file as a read-only workbook. This will present the user with an appropriately formatted table of marker details across columns A to Y.

From this table, you are only interested in columns F (latitude), H (longitude) & N (marker names). All the other columns can be deleted.

Important Note: You will need to swap over the data so that longitude values are in Column A, latitude values are in Column B and marker names in Column C. This is important for Train Simulator to read the table correctly.

Train Simulator draws a flag at each long/lat specified in this file and displays the name next to it.

To be read by the game select Save As and change the file type to CSV (*.csv) and click Save. Then place this file into your source directory at this location:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks\Source\Provider\Product\RouteMarkers (Replace Provider and Product with your appropriate names)