Control Reference List

Train Controls

SimpleThrottle >> Speed Up / Slow Down
SimpleChangeDirection >> Switch Directions
Reverser >> Increase / Decrease Reverser
Regulator >> Increase / Decrease Throttle
CombinedThrottleBrake >> CombinedThrottleBrake?
GearLever >> Increase / Decrease Gear
TrainBrakeControl >> Increase / Decrease Train Brake
EngineBrakeControl >> Increase / Decrease Locomotive Brake
DynamicBrake >> Increase / Decrease Dynamic Brake
EmergencyBrake >> Emergency Brakes
HandBrake >> Handbrake
Horn >> Horn
Bell >> Bell
Wipers >> Wipers
Sander >> Sander
Headlights >> Headlights
AWS >> Automated Warning System control
AWSReset >> Automated Warning System Reset control
AWSClearCount >> Increase remented for every ramp than sounds a bell
AWSWarnCount >> Increase remented for every ramp than sounds a buzzer
Startup >> Engine Startup / Shutdown control
Wheelslip >> Wheelslip - used for visibility objects
DoorsOpenCloseLeft >> Open / Close Doors on left side
DoorsOpenCloseRight >> Open / Close Doors on right side

Electric Locmotive Controls

PantographControl >> Raise / Lower Pantograph
FrontPantographControl >> Also set by PantographControl?
RearPantographControl >> Also set by PantographControl?

Steam Locomotive Related Controls

FireboxDoor >> Open / Close Firebox
ExhaustInjectorSteamOnOff >> On/Off Exhaust Injector Steam
ExhaustInjectorWater >> Increase /Decrease Exhaust Injector Water
LiveInjectorSteamOnOff >> On/Off Live Injector Steam
LiveInjectorWater >> Increase / Decrease Live Injector Water
Damper >> Increase / Decrease Damper
Blower >> Increase / Decrease Blower
Stoking >> Increase / Decrease Coal Shovelling
CylinderCock >> Open / Close Cylinder Cocks
SteamHeating >> Steam Heating
WaterScoopRaiseLower >> Raise / Lower Water Scoop
SmallCompressorOnOff >> On / Off Small Compressor

Output values for Dials*


Speedometer >> Speedometer
Ammeter >> Ammeter
RpmDial >> rpm
Accelerometer >> accelerometer (kN)


SteamChestPressureGauge >> Steam Chest Pressure Gauge
BoilerPressureGauge >> Boiler Pressure Gauge
SteamHeatingPressureGauge >> Steam Heating Pressure Gauge
WaterGauge >> the water level in the boiler
SafetyValve >> safety valve state for audio / effects


BrakePipePressure** >> Pressure in the brake pipe
VacuumBrakePipePressure** >> Pressure in the vacuum brake pipe
AirBrakePipePressure** >> Pressure in the air vacuum brake pipe
TrainBrakeCylinderPressure** >> Pressure in the train brake cylinder
LocoBrakeCylinderPressure** >> Pressure in the loco brake cylinder
MainReservoirPressure** >> Pressure in the main res
VacuumBrakeChamberPressure** >> Pressure in the vacuum brake cylinder
EqReservoirPressure** >> Pressure in the equalising reservoir
BrakeBailOff* >> Release loco brake when train brake set

**Add PSI or INCHES to the end of the name depending on the units desired.E.g. BrakePipePressureINCHES

Output controls added for the sound system

Current >> Current in Amps
TractiveEffort >> Tractive Effort in Unkown Units
RPM >> RPM in rev's per minute Units
RPMDelta >> RPMDelta - lagged and processed RPM DELTA value
CompressorState >> CompressorState? On(1.0)/Off(0.0)

* In order to populate the HUD with particular technical details, even if the control or dial does not exist on the engine being developed, the control for it must be added to the engine blueprint.