Container Component

Child Objects such as the Driver model, Passengers, Sounds, Particle Emitters for exhaust and steam emission are added to the locomotive.

Note: Objects defined in this section need to be positioned manually using the Preview window. By default all child objects are positioned at the origin point of the parent object.


 Child Name Each child requires a unique name. This will also be visible to choose in the Preview window
 Blueprint Set ID Provider: Provider Name
 Product: Product Name
 Blueprint ID Specify the location to the Child Blueprint
 Matrix Non Functional

Chuffing Effect

In order to activate the chuffing effect of the exhaust from the chimney of a Steam Locomotive, the child object specifying the Particle Emitter to be used, should be named "Main Smoke Stack". The Train Simulator code will then recognise this and tie the emission of the emitter into the sound of the locomotive.