Render Component

Primary & Secondary Blueprint Set ID

Allows up to two Texture sets to be specified, for example sets of digits for use by the numbering system.

 Provider The Provider Name
 Product The Product Name
 Blueprint Specify the location of your Texture Set Blueprint
 Name This is for reference purposes only and not used in the game
 Texture Entry One for each digit or letter in the Texture Set
 Texture Name: Name of texture
 S Texture Entry: Link to the relevant .ace texture

Geometry ID

Link to the main .IGS file

Collision Geometry ID

You can either specify a different IGS (maybe a simplified version of the main geometry) or you can simply use the same IGS as for the Geometry ID.

Both the Geometry ID and Collision Geometry ID fields must be populated.


This determines if once placed, you can pick it again.

Recommend setting at True for all objects.

Shadow Type

If you have created a shadow for your engine, you can select not to have one supplied by Train Simulator. If not, there is a primitive one that can be chosen here.

Heat Haze

The Heat Haze effect is currently disabled. It will eventually be used for the tops of funnels or exhaust ports on the locomotive.

 Matrix Non Functional
 Element Heat Haze elements, once defined in this section, needs to be positioned manually using the Preview window
 Width Width of the Heat Haze element in metres
 Height Height of the Heat Haze element in metres

Tex Text

Non Functional

Projected Light Element

This feature is currently disabled pending correct implementation.


True or False.  Non functional.

Detail Level Generation Range

When an object is placed it is given a Detail Level between 1 and 10.

 Highest Level Set to 10 for engines (always shown)
 Lowest Level Set to 10 for engines (always shown)

Anim Set

This is where any animations are specified.

 Animation ID This is the name of the animation called by the input mapper blueprint. You will also see this name in the browser list of the Preview window to test the animation is working correctly.
 Animation Name Specify the location of the animation file (.IA)
 Animate in Editor This determines whether the animation actually plays in the Preview window