Loco Only Air Brake Data Blueprint

Equipment Type
  • Air
  • Steam
  • Air Single Pipe
  • Air Twin Pipe
  • Vacuum Single Pipe
  • Vacuum Twin Pipe
  • Electro-Pneumatic
  • Electrically Controlled Pneumatic
  • Air Piped
  • Vacuum Piped

Max Force Percent of Vehicle Weight

On disc brake vehicles, Brake Force in kN is usually roughly equivalent to the vehicle weight in Tons. So, for example, a 100 ton loco would be expected to have 100kN Maximum Brake Force. Altering this figure is the easiest way of adjusting the maximum brake force of the locomotive. So for example, if your locomotive weighs 100 tons and you want a maximum Brake Force of 80kN, set this parameter to 80%.

For tread brake vehicles, the braking force is slightly less than the weight and thus a figure of 60-70% is more accurate.


This is where the Loco Brake Cab Control characteristics are defined.


This is where the Handbrake is defined.

Max Release Rate

The maximum rate that the Loco Brake can be released in psi.

Max Application

The maximum rate (non-emergency) that the loco brake can be applied in psi.

Max Cylinder Pressure

The maximum pressure possible in the Brake Cylinder in psi.

Pressure for Max Force

The pressure in the Brake Cylinder at which the most Brake Force is available in psi.

Max System Pressure

The maximum pressure in the Air Brake System in psi.

Min System Pressure

The minimum pressure in the Air Brake System in psi.